|| A boy with BIG HEAD by Navesh Chitrakar ||

Bajarangi Mishra, 2, suffering from hydrocephalus moans as he lies on the bed. A painful experience, his mother watches helplessly with heart full of hope.

She gave birth to Bajarangi on her house and everything seemed normal during the birth but since the baby was around 5 months his head started to grow slowly.

Bajarangi who can speak few words like Mama and Papa spends most of his time just lying on the passage of the house or on the lap of his mother. Without treatment or someone to take care of him he will not be able to survive for long.

Hydrocephalus is a condition that occurs when fluid builds up in the skull causing the brain to swell abnormally. The head inflates putting pressure on the brain. To the worst, the child can go into coma and potentially die.

The treatment may not reverse the brain damage that has already occurred but the goal is to prevent further brain damage. The treatment involves restoring the normal flow of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) through surgical options.

The cost of the surgery that could cure Bajarangi is around 10,000 USD but Phool Kumari Mishra doesn’t have that amount of money with her neither does anyone from her family. Desperate mother of Bajarangi sometimes even begs for money on the street and saves as much as she can for the surgery but she is far from achieving her goal of 10,000 USD.

Waiting for the money to pay for his treatment Bajarangi died on June 9, 2019. He died on his way back home from the hospital. He was suffering from fever since seven days before he died.

Had his mother had money for the treatment, the infant would have lived with us today.

June 9, 2019. The remains of Bajrangi, turned to ash after his cremation. It was a painful death of a big head boy.

Contributing story by Navesh Chitrakar

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